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Ms. Dienye Williams is a Registered Pharmacist with invaluable experience as a practicing Pharma­cist in diverse community settings, hospital, retail and Long-term care that spans about two decades. Ms. Dienye Williams was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State – Nigeria and schooled in one of the best Universities. She studied Pharmacy in College of Medicine, University of Lagos, La­gos the most multi-cultural metropolitan in Nigeria where she was exposed to diverse cultural dif­ferences and developed strong work ethics, serene respect for human and determination to render impeccable health care services. She was enthralled by the complexity and perplexity of Pharma­cy; and travelled through to the United States in 2004 for further studies and very importantly to start a family.

During her studies in Nigeria, she strived for excellence and was elected as Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian students (PANS) – 1997/98. After gradua­tion as a Pharmacist, she worked as an intern Pharmacist at the Military Hospital Ikoyi, Lagos, where she regularly conducted workshops on the rational use of drugs, diabetic clinics, HIV work­shops to the Patients, Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Ms. Williams observed her Youth Service program at ChevronTexaco, Lagos, and later became a staff Pharmacist practic­ing both community and hospital pharmacy. She had an awesome experience delivering Pharma­ceutical care to patients and was on the committee that initiated the electronic Medical system in Chevron hospitals.

Ms. Dienye bagged a Master’s degree from Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Department in Regula­tory and Quality Compliance at Purdue University. Ms. Williams was opportune to participate in the setting up of the GMP facility and Program at Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania with Dr. Steve Byrn. Dienye is a registered Pharmacist in the United States. Currently with Kroger Co. where she orga­nizes health fairs, clinics, hosts and administers immunization clinics and works with Physicians on patient Drug utilization reviews.

Studying Pharmacy had rendered her an eye to see defects in the system and has driven her to strive for excellence in her chosen path of pharmacy so as to work constructively and efficaciously for the society.

Ms. Dienye Williams is the Founder of ZingVita – ZingVita is a health and wellness company with a heart backed by rigorous science. ZingVita products are formulated and Manufactured in the Unit­ed States presently. “We believe everyone irrespective of background deserves to ingest the finest quality supplement and medication.” – Dienye Williams.

Dienye is in the process of setting up a GMP facility in Nigeria, to meet the demanding need of good quality medications, with emphasis on HIV, tuberculosis and anti-malarial medications.

Having a vast experience in delivering Pharmaceutical care; Dienye has a passion to see people live healthier and longer lives by ensuring that good Quality medication are manufactured under GMP standard and delivered.

Her respect for diverse cultures makes her a global person and she will be happy to traverse the four corners of her passion for Pharmaceutical care. Ms. Dienye Williams is intended to preferably impact positively on the lives of people and use her profound array of experience to help the un­derprivileged and make the society a fair and just place to live in.

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Mentoring Services

Dienye Williams’ mentoring and life coaching services (DW Inspires) covers a wide range of topics and issues, they include:

  • Personal Development 101
  • Success Principles
  • Goal Setting
  • Thinking Big – The big Picture
  • Visualization and Affirmation
  • Vision Boards
  • Power hour – creating morning rituals
  • Healthy eating
  • Time Management
  • Fitness
  • Minding the mind
  • Family matters
  • Energy Explosion
  • Self Discipline
  • Breaking limiting Habits
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