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Dienye Williams

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I am Dienye Williams, a life coach, personal mentor, trainer and speaker. My mission is to motivate, inspire and empower people with the right knowledge to live more fulfilling lives, using writing and speaking as the conduit.

Indeed, we are conduits, custodians of God’s gifts, presents, and blessings to the world. Until we get up and release them, we remain restless, depressed and anxious! We are here to not just pull ourselves out but to help others on their journeys to a better them.



Ms. D has been a major factor in my development as a young man and as an adult. She has been a role model and a motivator in so many ways to me. She has a “go get!” attitude to life and that has rubbed of on me. She always reminds me that if has been done before, I can do it. The biggest thing that comes to mind when I think of Ms. D and her impact in my life is the adidas slogan than says “Impossible is nothing”.

Ernest Ogar (College Student/ Athlete)

If asked who has inspired me most throughout my career, I would confidently name Dienye. Not only does she have a pure heart, she is a believer. Her support is unrelenting and she believed in me when I lost promise in myself. No one has pushed me harder than Di and she is the type of person you don’t want to let down. She made me want to do better and be better. Because I met Dienye, I never gave up on my pursuing my professional career and I now, too have a strong will to always be the best version of me.

Sara Palencer (RN, BSN)

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